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This classic cocktail features Cranberry and Vodka; the perfect addition to our collection. Serve it chilled in a martini glass, to make these even more special, trim the edge of your glasses of this cocktail with the rim trimmed with our ‘Cranberry Lime Sugar’.

Makes 6 servings. 105 g (3.7 oz)

Storage should be in cool (< 21 C or 70 F), dry (< 60% r.h.) area to provide a minimum shelf life without appreciable loss of flavor or functional characteristics.

Cosmo Drink Box 4- Servings

SKU: 772291064275

    FOR A PITCHER: Combine 800 ml (3 1/3 cups) cold water and Cosmo mix, stir thoroughly until dissolved. Add 250 ml (1 cup) vodka and mix. Fill your glass with prepared Cosmo and garnish with pomegranate or cranberries and enjoy! For a classic cocktail just moisten the rim of your glass with lemon and coat it with our Cranberry Lime Sugar Rimmer. Makes 6 servings.

    FOR A SINGLE SERVING: In a glass. Combine 133 ml (about ½ cup) cold water and 17.5 g (1 tbsp) Cosmo mix, stir until dissolved. Add 45 ml (1 ½ oz) of vodka and mix. Garnish with pomegranate or cranberries and enjoy!

  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, Citric acid, Natural & Artificial flavors, FD&C Red No.40, FD&C Blue No.1, FD&C Yellow No. 6.

    Product of Brazil Canada/Prepared in Canada

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